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Quite an important issue for many in the village, and very short notice from Forestry Commission to get a good turn-out at their consultation event on Tuesday 26th April.

Not sure of the impact of this along with the closure of the Shakey Bridge. I would encourage those who are concerned to go along to the consultation.

Subject: Laggan Wood Felling

Good afternoon,

I would like to inform you that felling operations are due to start in Laggan Wood at the end of April/early May until July/August 2016. The attached map (Laggan Path Closures) shows the paths marked with red dots that require closure. This includes the core path and ROW entering the forest from the north side in Glen Lednock, and the ROW leading from the top of the view point, All other formal routes will be kept open with warning signage only. The second map (Laggan harvesting proposals) map also shows harvesting area, path closure points, proposed extraction route and stacking areas.

I would like to offer the opportunity for members of the community to visit the wood so that we may discuss our method of work and answer any question or concerns you may have. I would propose this takes place on Tuesday 26th April at 10am, meeting in the Laggan car park (see attached map) at the beginning of the Millennium Footpath. I would appreciate it if you would circulate this to anybody who you think would be interested in this visit.

Please be aware that we will be walking all the way up to the top edge of the wood on the existing paths so suitable outdoor attire should be worn.


Robin Lofthouse
Beat Forester (Fife, Angus and Lowland Perthshire)

Tay Forest District

+44 (0) 300 067 6380

Please click on the links below to view the details:

Laggan Harvesting proposals
Laggan meeting place
Laggan Path Closures

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