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No news as yet from PKC but I have received another email from Alistair Godfrey:


In response to your request for further information on your post, the following link provides access to PKC’s Register of Rights of Way: From there open the pdf document and scroll down to p. 25. The right of way with the Shaky Bridge is the 4th entry. The route number is 19/25/8/37. The date of assertion is 22/03/78. This is the date when the planning committee of Perth & Kinross District Council approved a report to recognise the route as a right of way.

The following link takes you to maps of the Core Paths Plan, including the Strathearn area: . Click on the link “Strathearn area” and that will take you to a page with maps for core paths in the Strathearn area, including Comrie. When you open up the map you will see that there are several converging core paths on the Shaky Bridge from both sides of the River Lednock.

If you click on the same link I indicated in the previous paragraph you will find a link to “List of Core Paths.” Click on that and scroll down to p.18 and you will find the start of the details for the core paths in your area.

All planning authorities in Scotland are obliged to provide a Core Paths Plan by law. A submission was made by PKC of its Core Paths Plan, after approval by committee, to the Scottish Government and the final version was approved by its Ministers.


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