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Lesley’s Back in Comrie

blossomHaving headlined to a packaged audience in the first Comrie Conversations back in March, Lesley Riddoch will be back in Comrie to talk about her new book, ‘Blossom’ on Thursday 28th November. A spokesperson for the organisers said, “We are just delighted that Lesley wants to return to our village to promote her new book that is all about forward thinking communities”.

Lesley’s book is all about what Scotland needs to flourish as a nation.  Dispensing with jousts over Devo Max and EU membership, she pinpoints buds of growth and the blight holding Scotland back.  She offers a plain-speaking call to restore control to local communities and let the nation flourish. The book poses a question as important as the one Scots must answer on 18 September 2014. Why is Scotland still the most unequal society and sick man (and woman) of Europe despite an abundance of natural resources and a long history of inventiveness?

Her new book has been well received with reviewers lining up to praise the thrust of her arguments.

“Inspiring, galvanising analysis of the untapped potential of Scottish people power. Get a copy of BLOSSOM.”  Karine Polwart

 “Every Scot should read Blossom by Lesley Riddoch before they vote. I’m reading Blossom right now and every paragraph crystallises the nebulous sensations of deep divide inequality and snobbery I have experienced my whole life.”  Des Dillon

“To all undecideds in Scotland, and all progressives – just to everyone… read Lesley Riddoch’s ‘Blossom’. She just gets it. David Greig, playwright. 

“Not so much an intervention in the independence debate as a heartfelt manifesto for a better democracy.” Esther Breitenbach.

 “A hard-hitting condition of Scotland tour-de-force and a characteristically feisty contribution to (and beyond) the present constitutional debate. Paddy Bort Product Magazine.”

Organisers hope there will be another great turnout at the WRI Hall at 19.30 to listen to one of Scotland’s most forthright journalists and media commentators. Entry will be by donation and you are welcome to bring your own bottle for a relaxed evening in conversation about how local communities can help to shape the future of Scotland.

For more information on this press release contact Alan Caldwell 0774 058 7336

Please feel free to pass this on to your friends and invite them along with you – Thank you

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