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litter_1363708aIt has been reported via the Community Council that rubbish is being left at the Linn on a regular basis.  The people who have reported it had have had to clear the litter which included chip-shop containers in order to use and enjoy the area.

Can we ask everyone who uses the Linn and the surrounding area to clear up afterwards?  Can we also ask parents to speak to their children who may go with friends to enjoy a swim to clear up after their visit?  We need to ensure that we keep the area clean for everyones to enjoy.  Take your rubbish home with you or gather it up and drop in a waste bin in the village. Litter can cause injury to wildlife, dogs and children, please consider our environment.

The Linn has been used for generations by many Comrie folk as a picnic/swimming area and we don’t want to lose it.  We don’t want the same to happen here as has up at the Lednock Dam where the gate has been locked by the land owner to restrict access due to uncaring litter louts.

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