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Strathearn (and the rest of Tayside) is covered by a Local Development Plan. This was the plan which PKC used to decide that Crieff couldn’t have an Aldi on the field they wanted.
The LDP the council work from now was Adopted on 3rd February 2014. It is now up for REVIEW, which means that a MAIN ISSUES REPORT has to be published. The new LDP will then eventually be proposed, which will cover 2018-2023, when adopted. This will be very aptly called LDP2.

In the meantime, all residents in Strathearn and elsewhere are being asked to contribute to the Main Issues Report by giving your suggestions on the following: housing supply; provision of business land; natural and built environment; transportation and sustainability issues.

In short, this is your opinion on WHERE development SHOULD or SHOULD NOT occur in the area.

The DROP-IN for our area is at the Community Campus, Crieff on Saturday, 30th January, 11am – 3pm, when you can speak to council planners

If you’ve got any suggestions/opinions please go along to the meeting

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