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mairiLocal resident Mairi Philp, a District Nurse for 20 years gave her 75th Blood Donation last night at the blood donor session in Crieff.

Mairi explained “Without blood donors, my cousins and my father’s entire generation quite simply would not exist. During my time as a district nurse I have seen firsthand the difference blood donors make to so many people across the community. From road traffic accident patients to pregnant mums and their new borns, those battling cancer to those needing extra reds cells to improve their quality of life – each and everyone helped by someone who took the time to give blood.”

My Great Grandfather – ‘Papa’ worked as a mining ‘powdermonkey’. 7 days married, wife Agnes had a premonition and told him not to go to work that day but he went. Caught in a blast, ‘Papa’ lost his leg and his arm. He was one of the first to receive a vein to vein transfusion from his own brother ‘Davie’. Hospital records show 90 days in hospital – discharged as ‘cured’.

Mairi’s family are all very aware of this amazing story, brought up on the fact that without the existence of ‘blood donation’ their family would not exist.

Well Done Mairi ! 

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