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I received this from Lucy Bowler this morning. If you can help, please call her on 07854 659343


Yesterday myself, my cousin and my sister were swimming in the river near my aunt’s house (we jump off a rock into a deep part). I was wearing a Gopro Camera on my head and when I jumped in it slid off my head and I couldnt catch it in time. It sunk to the bottom or perhaps floated off down river, but the water was too deep and dark to be able to find it at the time.

Is there a way to post a notice to the community that if they see a gopro attached to a head strap somewhere along the river they could send it to me?

I’m not sure how to describe the location we were in. Quite a way past the bridge by the White Church down river. My aunt’s house is on Tay Avenue and the big rock by the river is roughly behind the house.

It’s a long shot to find it, but worth a try!
Thanks very much,
Lucy Bowler

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