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Musique sans Frontières”
White Church Community Centre
3-5 pm Sunday 19 February 2017
An Afternoon of Music, Song and Dance

Admission Free
Donations to Maryhill Integrated Network (MIN)
and Syrian Refugee Charities

This international cultural event organised by Comrie Cares will be an afternoon of music, dance and song to assist refugee families who have been relocated to Scotland. As well as celebrating the common talents of musicians from different countries, the festival aims to extend a hand of friendship from Comrie to refugee families fleeing terror and oppression. The programme is part of the overall campaign “Refugees Welcome” which is being organised by communities throughout Scotland.

Local and international musicians, singers and dancers will feature in the programme. The local Comrie-based Earnsong Choir will open the programme with a mix of traditional and contemporary songs. The exciting Maryhill Joyous Choir is travelling from Glasgow to perform at the event. The choir comprises of refugees and asylum seekers who have come together through music and song. The choir was founded and supported by the Maryhill Integration Network (MIN), a Glasgow based charity. A group of five Syrian dancers are also performing as part of the Maryhill Integration Network.

Local music lovers are particularly excited that Ayman Jarjour, an internationally renowned Syrian classical guitarist, will be performing at the event. Ayman has performed in venues all over the world, but is currently devoting his energy and music to highlighting the plight of refugees from his native country. Interestingly, Ayman has a special relationship to Strathearn as his wife, Alyson, comes from Crieff.

Margaret Bennett the accomplished folklorist, Gaelic singer, author and broadcaster will be singing at the event. Margaret who lives in Comrie was brought up on the Isle of Skye “in a household where singing, playing music, dancing and storytelling were a way of life.” In keeping with the theme of the event, Margaret’s songs will highlight the plight of Scots families who were uprooted and transported to far off lands. A piper will be on hand to extend a warm, Comrie welcome.

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