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Dogs in jumpers, leaves beginning to turn and countless hot chocolates… Summer is drifting away faster than we’d like! We are changing our hours now that holiday season is over. ☕️🍫🥕🥥

🍁 Monday: 8-4, Bonnie Mountain Coffee Land-Rover
🍁 Tuesday: 8-4
🍁 Wednesday: 8-4
🍁 Thursday: 8-4
🍁 Friday: 8-4, Bonnie Mountain 4-8pm
🍁 Saturday: 8-4, Bonnie Mountain 4-8pm
🍁 Sunday: 8-4

We’ve been so busy and it feels great to have all your support after a strange year, hope to see lots of you for more visits before we close for winter! 🍁🍂

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