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SBS is hosting online help sessions on financial wellbeing matters for people with cancer and other illnesses, their families and their carers. These sessions will cover a range of financial wellbeing subjects and are specifically tailored to the requirements of people with life affecting illnesses.

The sessions take the form of a short presentation accessible via the internet followed by a period of questions and answers. We try to complete each session within an hour. Individuals can participate in one session or in all four sessions. SBS can also provide individual one-2-one arrangements should a person require a discussion in depth or in privacy to discuss their needs.

SBS does not charge people accessing our online help sessions and anybody is free to participate, whether they be an individual affected by an illness, a family member or a professional caregiver.

Individuals who wish to participate in the online help sessions need to e-mail to receive the instructions to access the webinars.

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