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To alleviate any concerns regarding the rain forecast over the next couple of days Comrie Community Council received this Messsage from PKC received tonight:

Following discussion with Met Office colleagues you may want to note that, at the moment, Tayside remains yellow but if any place is going to be re-assessed upwards to amber, for heavier rainfall, it will be north Angus. The weather forecasting models will be run again over the next 24 hours so updated information will be available tomorrow.

Given recent events there is nothing specific for Comrie (community council meeting there next week) and expectation is that river levels will have run down over this dryer period. Tried to get confirmation of this from duty hydrologist and will pick up with them tomorrow morning. The rainfall likely over the Comrie area over the next few days will be slow and persistent with accumulation being the issue rather than flash flooding as was the case there on 27 August.

J.Valentine PKC

Please be assured we will post any updates as we receive them
Sandra – Secretary – Comrie Community Council
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