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PKC Logo25 January 2013       Information for Residents

We would like to provide you with an update on the ongoing work by the Council to respond to the recent flood events in Comrie.

The works to deliver a number of identified flood mitigation measures are well underway, with the following actions completed or being carried out at present:

  • The works to remove fallen trees from the bed and banks of the Water of Ruchill are complete.
  • The gravel bar at the bend in the river has been removed, which has helped reduce pressure on the eroded river bank.
  • On Monday 21 January, work commenced on the erosion protection measures at the bend in the river where the flood water spilled out last year. The river bank is being raised and strengthened with rock armour and will be reinstated to its previous alignment before the recent flooding. The river bed will also be stabilised in the same area to reduce the risk of further erosion.
  • Works to improve flood defences at Camp Road will restart shortly. The detailed design for raising the road level on the driveway at Tomnagaske is being finalised at present, in conjunction with the landowners.
  • Substantial sections of the 1960s flood embankments have already been removed in order to divert water back into the river. Further work will also be carried out to repair the remaining sections.
  • Large 1-tonne sandbags will remain in place at Camp Road to protect Dalginross until these permanent measures are implemented.
  • Additional storage space has been provided for the FloodSax store at Comrie Fire Station.

At present the Council is aiming to complete the works by the end of February, although minor finishing work and landscaping activity may continue for a while after this.

Public footpaths in the area have been closed for health and safety reasons. We would ask residents and members of the public to avoid using these paths until the works are complete.

Contact: Chic Haggart, Roads Manager; email







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