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Applying for a Garden Waste Permit?  It’s easy to do this through MyPKC.

Watch our short video on how to sign up for your own MyPKC account – – then go to to get yourself started!

MyPKC provides a convenient way to contact the Council 24-7, 365 days a year. The services and information you can access through MyPKC are increasing all the time so please login regularly to see what’s new.

I asked about leafleting those who are elderly and are maybe not online. They sent this:

‘Hi Sandra, yes, residents affected will receive a letter which explains other ways to pay as well. We’re promoting the online way to do it here because we know people on Facebook are online’

It appears that you either get your permit online or have to attend PKC’s Perth Office in person.  On asking about those who can’t get to their office they responded, ‘

There other options are to pay by phone or in person. You can call 01738 476476 and we will help you to set up a payment’…/Garden…/pdf/Brown_Bin_FAQ_v2

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