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Local Landscape Designations Review – On-line Questionnaire

We are carrying out an assessment of landscapes in Perth & Kinross to identify those which justify local designation. The work is being carried out by landscape specialists LUC and STAR Development Group.

To help with this process, we would like to find out about your favourite landscapes and places. These may be hills, straths or glens close to your home or further afield, the kinds of places you might choose to take a friend visiting the area. They may be more hidden, special places or, alternatively, landscapes that are important in your everyday life. Please complete the online survey at The survey will be open until 6 June 2014. You can find out more or download a pdf version of the survey by going to the Council web site

Information you give us about your favourite landscapes and places will inform a technical appraisal which is also being carried out, using an approach developed by Scottish Natural Heritage and Historic Scotland.

Please feel free to forward this email on to others who might also be interested in taking part.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this important study.

Graham Esson ~ Team Leader ~ Sustainability, Policy & Research ~ Planning & Regeneration ~ The Environment Service ~ Perth & Kinross Council ~ Pullar House ~ 35 Kinnoull Street ~ PERTH ~ PH1 5GD

‘: 01738 475383

3: 07917591182

6: 01738 475310 or 476510


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