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Police Scotland LogoChief Inspector Mike Whitford has contacted all the Community Councils in Perth & Kinross regarding Community Engagement:

I know many of you have significant concerns regarding the present levels of community engagement with Police Scotland. I have attended a number of meetings now with councillors, and community council chairs and secretaries and the common theme raised has been the level of communication; in particular how communities can raise issues with local officers and receive information about what is happening in their area.

I recognise and appreciate these concerns and have set about trying to improve matters. To that end we are drawing up a plan which will detail the different ways in which I hope to improve the community links we have. I will circulate this to you in due course and would value any ideas or thoughts you may have on improvements.

Every morning I review all the crimes and serious incidents that have happened across Perth and Kinross, directing the police response and handling accordingly. During this process, | regularly see issues that would be helpful for you to know and give you the opportunity to comment or feed back local information. It would not be practical to circulate this information daily, however I intend to collate this community information and circulate it to you weekly in the form of a commander’s bulletin.

This is a new concept for us, which I hope will increase your awareness of the issues communities are facing and allow you to feed back directly to me and my staff any information or ideas you may have. Each bulletin will have contact details for your local community sergeants to allow you to discuss the problems directly if required.

To start this process off, I have been identifying community issues, crimes and incidents during my daily reviews and intend circulating them to you this Thursday. This is just a start of us working out better ways to communicate.

Mike Whitford

If you have anything you wish to comment on please contact one of our Community Councillors (listed under the Community Council tab at the top of the page) or attend the the Community Council meetings (2nd Thursday of every month Jan-Jun & Jun-Dec) to make your thoughts known. 


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