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Comrie Conversations (Part 2)

After the huge success of the first “Comrie Conversation’ on the issues around independence for Scotland, organisers are delighted to announce the second event will take place on Tuesday 28th May at 19.30 in the White Church, Comrie.  You will be able to enjoy a pint, great conversation and thought provoking presentations from two guest speakers, Alf Young and Carol Craig.

Alf Young was responsible for comment and opinion at the Glasgow Herald for 22 years and wrote his own columns on business, economic and political issues.  Alf will be picking up on the theme of ‘what’s next for Scotland’s economy?’. Carol Craig is the author of ‘The Scots’ Crisis of Confidence’ and runs a small charity called the Centre for Confidence and Wellbeing.  Carol will be talking about the issues that she feels are crucial to Scotland’s future and how important it is to help shape the new Scotland whatever happens at the referendum.

Over 100 people attended the first ‘Comrie Conversation’ at the start of March.  There will be the same, friendly, ‘open house’ style with anyone being able to contribute or simply sit and listen to the views of others.  Alf and Carol will present in the first part of the evening. In the middle part the audience will have the opportunity to talk among themselves about what they have just heard and think of good questions to ask. The final part of the evening will be a question and answer session between the audience, Carol and Alf.

Andy Wightman and Lesley Riddoch who spoke at the first ‘Comrie Conversation’ were full of praise for the evening.  They both thought other communities should follow Comrie’s lead and Lesley suggested that we invite the politicians to come to Comrie in 2014 after all four conversations and listen to “what a really switched on community has to say”. The organisers are already making tentative enquiries about that idea but until 2014 ‘Comrie Conversations will stay a strictly party political free zone.

Put the word out and come along and talk about the Scotland you want to create!  Entrance will be by donation and there is a bar to keep the chat flowing.

For more information on this press release contact Alan Caldwell 0774 058 7336

You can view the poster advertising the event by clicking on this link: Comrie Conversations 2

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