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Whilst Comrie Community Council is currently ‘on holiday’ and have no scheduled meetings until September it has been made clear to us that there is considerable concern in the village regarding the recently proposed development at Bumblebee Square and so we feel it appropriate to call an early special meeting to allow the matter to be dicussed openly.

The meeting will be held downstairs in Comrie Community Centre at 7.30pm on Thursday 18th July. There will be an opportunity for people to express their views about the proposed scheme but, perhaps more importantly, it will be an opportunity for the community to come together and see if there is finally any prospect of us coming up with a viable and speedy alternative for purchasing the Square for the village.

Please click the following link to view the poster: Public Meeting Poster

We have received a letter from Mr W.Frame informing that he will not be attending the meeting.  Click on this link to read it:  Mr W.Frame Letter

We look forward to welcoming you

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