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Update – Thursday 26th May
Ann Cowan one of our PKC Councillors is looking into having CCTV installed.  Will keep you posted – Sandra


I am sorry to say that yesterday afternoon around 3pm the public toilets were once again left in a disgusting state with human excrement over the walls and pan in the ladies.

I understand that it could have been an accident (could have been cleaned by the person),  but could also be vandalism and is not acceptable. I am writing this morning to PKC to apologise to the operative who would have had to clean it this morning and the Community Council will have to consider the hours of opening for the toilets if this continues.

We have no money to pay for an attendant and as far as we are aware there have been few if any of these incidents in the past, but it cannot continue.

We are privileged to have our public conveniences but what can we do as we go forward to avoid these situations ?

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