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I heard today that some people have been complaIning about cleanliness of the public toilets in the village and some seem to think it is the responsibility of the Fruit Shop to clean them.

Can I make this clear, the toilets are opened and cleaned every morning by PKC and closed (Mon-Fri) by the good grace of the Fruit Shop, cleaning is not expected or required by them. While the Community Council pays to help to maintain the fabric of the building we are not responsible for cleaning them.

We are very fortunate to have this arrangement and we hope it continues but with councils cutting costs you never know what might happen in the future.

We have asked a number of times for a volunteer to close the toilets at the weekends and no-one has come forward, but if someone wants to, please get in touch. In addition if there is someone among those who are complaining who would like to volunteer to do some extra cleaning, please let me know.

Sandra McRitchie, Chair of Comrie Community Council

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