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Hi there,
I am the nephew of the late Scottish landscape artist, John Maclauchlan Milne RSA (1885-1957), whose late sister Dorothy (Dora) lived in “Rossdahl”, Comrie some years ago. Surname possibly Andrews.
I am doing some research for Tom Hewlett of the Portland Gallery in London. He borrowed many of Milne’s paintings for a major exhibition in 2010.
By chance I came across a painting in Glasgow University library entitled, “Lupins in the garden at Rossdahl”, his sister’s house which my family visited in the 60’s.
So I write to ask if you might be able to put me in touch with anyone who might have any information or anecdotes of the family.
As children, my sisters and I would play in the gardens/orchard there, being seen and not heard, while our parents and contemporaries admired the many Milne paintings on their extensive walls.
Thank you so much for you consideration.
James Mackellar

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