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Hi Folks there seems to be some confusion regarding when the One Show will air the article about Comrie.
I was told tonight (Thursday) but someone has said that it was indicated to them it is tomorrow night. 

I will watch both justincase !

This just in from BBC’s One Show. Please go along, tell your stories and put forward your idea’s. It’s great that there has been so much interest and that Comrie once again is in the limelight, this time with a good news story:

Hi Sandra

Thanks for speaking to me this morning.

Currently the plan is to have a meeting of local people tomorrow (Wednesday 7th December) at the Comrie Hotel at about 1pm, filming until about 3pm.
We’d love to have as many people as possible come down and chat about any memories they had of Heinrich, and how they think the money might best be invested in the community.

I obviously understand that things are very much unknown at this stage, but we’d love to really capture a sense of how the village is talking about the news and any initial ideas they might have about how this large sum of money – donated by someone who obviously cared a great deal for Comrie – might be used.

All the best,
Callum Mair
BBC Television

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