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JBA consultingWe received this request and in light of our recent flooding status if you could take a few moments to complete the survey it would be appreciated:

JBA Consulting are currently undertaking a research project for the Scottish Government into the benefits of Property Level Protection (PLP) and how these measures can be most effectively used to mitigate the impacts of flooding. PLP can provide help to limit the impact and consequences of flooding to communities at significant flood risk where traditional flood protection schemes cannot be provided, helping to bring peace of mind as well as reducing economic damage and insurance costs. The uptake of PLP in Scotland has not yet been taken up as widely as in other areas of the UK. As the Scottish Government would like to encourage more local authorities to set up Property Level Protection (PLP) schemes, part of our research aims to investigate and promote PLP within Scotland.

We are now undertaking a survey of residents impacted by flooding to gain insight into the use and reliability of PLP in Scotland. An online questionnaire has been set up to review homeowners and business uses of their experience of using PLP products. Results from the survey will be used to write guidance and a ‘blueprint’ to help local authorities set up local Property Level Protection schemes in the future.

In order to gain the maximum benefit of this research and number of questionnaire returns we have provided an introductory letter to homeowners with some explanatory text and a link to a Survey Monkey website with a prepared questionnaire specifically for homeowners. We would like to ask if you would be kind enough to distribute this letter on to homeowners within your local flood group. Ideally this would be via email as this would ensure responses remain anonymous to JBA Consulting. If hard copies are required, we would be happy to supply you with print outs of the letter for distribution. The alternative would be for you to provide us with direct contact details, although we believe that it would be preferable if contact came directly from yourself in the first instance.

A separate questionnaire has gone out to all local authorities and other statutory stakeholders.

Please CLICK HERE to view the letter and find the link to the survey
Kind regards
Angus Pettit
Principal Analyst


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