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Well Folks that’s me done – I am no longer the editor for the Community Website. I informed the Community Council back in June. They decided at their meeting last week that Lianne Curran and John Greer will now be responsible for the site.

I will continue to honour those local businesses that paid a subscription to the website, meaning that I will continue to share their news to my Comrie Facebook page until April next year.

As you know as a member of the CC, then as Chair I pushed for a new Community Website, the CC backed and paid for a new site. It has proved to be very successful and so hope it continues to grow and develop.

I want to thank my friend Nadin Dunnigan who constructed the site and has done so much to support me over the years.

I want to thank all the local businesses that year after year have paid their subs to support the CC. I have enjoyed our communications.

Lastly I would like to thank all of you for sending your events, photos etc and I hope that you have enjoyed the hundreds of news and information posts placed over the years.

Sandra xox

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