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Following a letter from Community Councillor Gillian Brock to PKC we received this response today:

Following our site meeting several months ago, we have been monitoring travel patterns and vehicle speeds on the B827 through Dalginross.  The lack of compliance at the mini-roundabout concerns us although the risk of conflict is low due to lower traffic volumes on the minor roads.  An example of this was the driver who stopped to speak to my colleagues on Monday.  She drove straight across the roundabout then stopped at the kerb to talk to them forcing all following traffic across the central island of the roundabout. 

As stated previously, it may not be practical to raise the height of the central island at the mini-roundabout due to the manhole.  Other options being investigated include advanced warning signs to increase driver awareness of the junction, and the installation of raised splitter islands on the B827 approaching the junction, possibly with reboundable bollards on these islands.  The splitter islands would create deflection which should help to slow vehicle speeds.  There is still the option to remove the mini-roundabout but I would be reluctant to propose such action as the removal of the restriction is likely to lead to increased vehicle speeds.  

Vehicle speeds approaching the main junction further south are higher, although we have no evidence to support the high speeds claimed by members of the local community.  Vehicle speeds appear to be inappropriate for the road environment rather than excessive.  The risk of conflict at this location may be greater due to the higher vehicle speeds and increased turning manoeuvres.  Further traffic monitoring is planned in the area and I’ll update you again when we have more information. 

Daryl McKeown – Road Safety Officer

I have also been in touch with the Police asking whether we can post photographs of parking infringements and obstruction in the village (that I email to them) to our website.  They have advised that I contact the Information Commissioner in Edinburgh.  In the meantime we have been informed as follows:

A number of parking offences captured on mobile ‘phone images by CC members are currently under enquiry. Central Ticket Office in Dundee advise that these matters cannot be dealt with retrospectively by means of Conditional Offers. Consequently enquires will hopefully result in reports being sent to the Procurator Fiscal, for consideration of prosecution. 

If you witness cars parked inappropriately in the village, and have the means to photograph the incidence, please do so and email to Sandra ( along with the date and time.  Sandra will then forward to the police.  Maybe the threat of prosecution will lead to a reduce in incidences – We Hope So !

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