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This from Perth & Kinross Community Watch.  Please mention to your elderly, infirm or vulnerable neighbours and friends;
Security Warning – SCAMS
Following a recent increase in specific reports from NWS members across Scotland of apparent SCAM attempts from cold callers purporting to be from BT / BT Openreach and attempting to gain personal details and remote access to home computers we are highlighting the following:
These callers suggest there is an issue with the line / internet connectivity or that the service may be withdrawn due to non-payment. The fraudsters then attempt to gain remote access to the computer by asking you to perform certain commands on the computer or they may ask you to make payments over the phone by providing personal information.
These fraudsters may also “spoof” the number they are calling from so that if you dial 1471 you might see a fictitious number that masks the real destination number. They may also offer a call back number to confirm legitimacy of their call and then answer as if you calling BT.
Be suspicious of cold callers relating to security or computer problems even if the caller claims to be from a recognised company
If unsure, end the conversation. Call the alleged company later using number from official website or literature.
Don’t give out personal information on the phone to someone you don’t know
Don’t follow any instruction to type anything into a computer, install software, visit a website or click on a link
Seek advice from friends or family
Don’t agree to sign up for anything, give someone your home address, bank or credit card details and under no circumstances let the caller take control of your computer. (This gives them full control of your computer and ultimately access to your personal information)
If you use a shared computer – be security conscious. Remember, each time you exit your account you should sign out completely by clicking the log off (sign out) link. This means any user following you won’t be able to access your account
BT offer a network service that deals with nuisance and unwanted calls and provides customers the control to block such calls called BT Call Protect
There are other call blocker products available such as True Call etc.
If you have been a victim or suspect you have been a victim of a SCAM contact Action Fraud at or call 0300 123 2040 or call on Police Scotland on 101
Please circulate this information and advice further to family, friends and colleagues
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