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Remembrance Sunday Comrie:

Comrie Parish Church
10.00am Worship at Comrie Parish Church
10.45am Parade from Royal Hotel
10.50am Service of Remembrance at War Memorial.
6.00pm Short Service of Thanksgiving for bereaved families.


St Fillans: Dundurn Parish Church
10.50am Service of Remembrance at War Memorial
11.30am Worship at Dundurn Parish Church

Remembrance services for families – 2014
In this country we continue to enjoy a fragile peace; although in the middle east, biblical lands…and in other places across the world, war continues to rage. Since the end of the World War II there has only been one year in which no soldier, sailor, or member of the Royal Air Force has not been killed on active service.
The morning of Remembrance Day allows everyone the time to stop and think of those who have given their life for the freedom and safety of others in all of the conflicts which have raged since the beginning of the twentieth century.

On the evening of Remembrance Day, however, there will also be a short 15 minute Service of Remembrance and Thanksgiving at Comrie Parish Church for all those who, over the years, have lost loved ones and who would like to take time to thank God for their life with us. Anyone who has lost a family member, friend, or colleague is invited to come along and take the time to remember them, and thank God for their life.

With every blessing, Graham


Many Thanks to Jane Morrison for this poppy photograph. A lovely tribute.



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