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Hi Folks.  This message came through yesterday from Dave Stubbs at PKC:

Dear Councillors

We are pleased to be able to provide a further update on the current closure of the Shaky Bridge at Glen Lednock near Comrie.

We propose to undertake a temporary repair using adjustable steel props bearing onto sound parts of the sycamore tree that forms the north abutment of the bridge, and to remove the remains of the old timber A frames which are not required. In addition we have asked our tree surgeon to look at undertaking modest crown reduction to alleviate the stress on the decaying tree trunks. This work is in line with recommendations in Allen Gordon’s engineer’s report incorporating the Council’s Tree Officer’s report, a copy of which is attached for your reference.

The intention is to undertake the works to the tree first then carry out the repairs to the support for the bridge starting on site during the week beginning 6th June. Due to the nature of these works there can be no public access over the bridge during this time, but once complete the bridge will be reopened for public use – all being well by late June. I will advise about actual dates as soon as I have them.

It should be noted that whilst the above works will ensure the bridge remains stable in the short term, it does not remove the risk of damage to the bridge if the tree fails.

For a longer term solution, decisions will need to be taken about removal or significant reduction of the sycamore tree to eliminate the risk of it failing and taking the bridge down with it. The engineer outlines a course of action to allow the tree to be removed and new a new supporting structure put in its place on the north bank. This would allow the existing bridge to be retained for the remainder of its serviceable life. We are aware that removal of the tree will not be popular but feel that needs to be balanced against potential loss of the bridge. As such we would welcome further discussion with the Community Council and other stakeholders and will organise some consultation on that in due course.

As previously noted , whilst the Council have resources to cover the temporary repairs, it is highly likely that the longer term proposals will need to be a partnership project to ensure it happens, involving the community, landowners and Council.

I plan to write in similar terms to the Community Council on Friday so I’d welcome a quick chat before that. I’ll endeavour to call you this afternoon or on Thursday morning.

Dave Stubbs
PKC Greenspace Coordinator
telephone: 01738 475347

Here is the link to the Report:  Shakey Bridge Report May-2016


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