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Shaky Bridge

I have just received this email from Dave Stubbs at PKC regarding the Shakey Bridge:

Dear Sandra

This is an update regarding the Shaky Bridge at Comrie. Since the March Community Council meeting and the previous update of 17th March, we have instructed Allen Gordon LLP, the firm who built the bridge in the late 1970s, to inspect the structure and make recommendations about short and long term options.

Their engineer has already carried out his inspection but the report is still pending. He has said that he does not consider the bridge sufficiently safe to reopen in its current condition.

The Council’s tree and woodland officer has also inspected the tree and confirmed that unfortunately there is significant decay in the base. As such his findings are currently being incorporated into the engineer’s report in order to provide recommendations for possible works.

I will provide a further update once we have had chance to read the engineer’s report, which we expect later this month, and consider the options within it.

I will update our own website at and direct other customers towards it. Happy to discuss if anything is not clear now or if further questions are raised at the Community Council meeting.

Dave Stubbs
PKC Greenspace Coordinator

I have responded and asked to be sent the the engineering report and the tree and woodland officers report in full prior to any work to incorporate them into a PKC report

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