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Shakey Bridge Update

Friday 15th April
I received this rather interesting message this afternoon:

Perth and Kinross have also caused issues getting a bridge re-instated in the Blackford CC area. We ended up taking advice from Scptways as we had a company prepared to design and build a new one after P+K removed the one we had. They told us it could not be put back as it had been due to SEPA regulations. Got a wind farm to agree to do it and still P+K put obsicles in the way including it had to be suitable for Horses!! and suggesting they wanted a maintainance fund!!

We are finally making progress but its been hard work. Maybe we should be shouting about the prospect of foot bridges being targeted for removal to avoid repair and maintance bills.


Thursday 14th April
I have sent another email to Dave Stubbs of the Greenspace Team at PKC today for an update on the status of the Shakey Bridge.

We are awaiting the combined report of the Bridge Engineer, the Woodland Officer and their ‘considered options’.

As I pointed out to him the holiday season is on and the bridge plays an important part in attracting visitors to the village.

To be fair Dave did call me this afternoon but I was out, but I will keep you posted as we go forward, Sandra

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