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Wednesday 27 April 2016 – Press Release


Ms Roseanna Cunningham, SNP candidate for Perthshire South & Kinross-shire, joined Sandra McRitchie, chair of Comrie Community Council , on a visit to the Shaky Bridge and expressed her hope that the bridge re-opened open to public access as soon as possible. Speaking after the visit, Ms Cunningham said:

It is right and proper that steps are taken to ensure public safety but I am very conscious that there is a lot of concern that the Council might be acting in an over-cautious manner in relation to the Bridge repair.

“I understand that the Council have now received their engineer’s report on the bridge and that there is a possibility of a repair that can be carried out to address the immediate problem so that the bridge can be brought back in to use while investigations are made into a longer term solution.

“I very much hope that will be the case and that this repair can be carried out very soon. I certainly want to see the Shaky Bridge re-opened to the public as quickly as possible and I know for sure that everyone in Comrie wants that to happen too.

“While I appreciate that the problem appears to be with the tree to which it is anchored and not the bridge itself, I do hope that the tree will form part of any long term solution. It is the fact that one side of the bridge is attached to a tree and not a concrete plinth that gives the bridge some of its charm and it would be a great shame to lose that.”


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