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PKC LogoMessage received from PKC today:

You may be aware we have been working on developing Special Landscape Areas – Supplementary Guidance. This draft supplementary guidance has been prepared to support Local Development Plan Policy ER6 “Managing Future Landscape Change to Conserve and Enhance the Diversity and Quality of the Area’s Landscapes”.

To help us identify the landscapes within Perth and Kinross which are worthy of designation the Council asked you to let us know where your favourite landscapes and places are. They may have been well known hills, straths or glens, the kinds of places you might choose to take a friend visiting the area. They may have been more hidden, special places or, alternatively, landscapes that are important in people’s everyday life. It was open to anyone who lived, worked or visited Perth and Kinross and allowed them to tell us the name and location of up to five of their favourite landscapes or places and why they liked them.

The information we received on people’s favourite landscapes and places was used to inform the technical appraisal which was carried out, using an approach developed by Scottish Natural Heritage and Historic Scotland. The work was carried out by landscape specialists LUC and STAR Development Group.

Prior to consideration by the Council all supplementary guidance is subject to public consultation. Comments received through the consultation process will be analysed and where appropriate the guidance amended before it is reported to the Council. Following consideration by the Council the supplementary guidance will require approval by Scottish Ministers before finally being adopted by the Council.

You can view all the documents by using the following link or use the following link to download the draft supplementary guidance Draft Special Landscape Areas Supplementary Guidance [6Mb]

The consultation period runs for a period of 8 weeks from 28 November until 19 January 2015. This extended period takes into account of the break over the festive period.

Should you have any questions or wish to discuss the matter do not hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards

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