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This just in from Andrew Reid:

I have attached the Steinmeyer Legacy results from the community vote which closed on Monday, and following the count yesterday. I’ve attached the results in various formats, so that, hopefully, everyone getting this email will be able to access them.

The whole exercise has been a huge team effort with the CDT office printing, 23 people delivering letters and voting forms, and 11 people involved in the count over several hours yesterday. The group yesterday also conducted the votes for membership of the elected Legacy Committee. The 10 people elected were Gillian Brock, Joyce Carnegie, Joan Carmichael, Lynne Douglas, Mary Gavin, Ken Heiser, Gordon McCartney, Andrew Reid, Barbara Stewart, and Dr. Philip Tipping.

And, personal thanks from Jane and me for all of the great support and positive responses to requests for printing, delivering and counting work.

Please follow this link to view the document: cdt-steinmeyer-legacy-community-vote-results-16.11.17



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