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Please follow these links for the latest minutes from the Interim Committee and a Volunteer Form.



Here is the email that goes along with the above links:

I have attached the minutes from the Steinmeyer Interim Committee meeting on 29 June. At the meeting, the decision was made to develop papers detailing how the committee should be formalised and its members elected through a public meeting in the autumn. It was also agreed to pursue work on the main proposals made in the recent committee survey, to inform discussions and decisions at the public meeting on the way ahead. Within the survey responses, there were a wide range of specific proposals under five general headings. These main areas for work are: 1) support & care; 2) transport & mobility; 3) social places & village venues; 4) village environment; and 5) leisure & activities.

The Interim Committee is now therefore looking for people to join one or more of the working groups, whose task will be to identify:

  •  whether what is proposed already exists in the village, and is adequate, or needs enhancing;
  • if the proposed service is already provided by a statutory agency, e.g. Social Work or the NHS, or should be provided by them, and whether the service needs enhancing;
  • the feasibility of implementing survey proposals;
  • broad estimates of the cost of implementing survey proposals;
  • what would be required to make the proposed development happen.

This work will only be possible if the Interim Committee gets extra support to carry it out. The Committee would therefore be grateful you would complete and return the attached form offering to support the activities of one or more of the working groups, and also if you would pass on the request and form to others, who you think might be able to contribute to this work. The form can be emailed back to:; or returned to The Old School in Dundas Street (north part of former school buildings, set back from the street).

Thanks and best wishes, Andrew
Andrew Reid
Interim Committee Secretary

The total number of ideas put forward was 715.  The number of times proposals were mentioned in all of the survey forms both under the general headings and the detailed categories was then counted. So, for example, the number of ideas coming from survey respondents saying that one of the uses of the legacy funding should be Support and Care was 209, and amongst those survey responses 65 made specific proposals concerning care supports, 38 mentioned respite services for carers, 27 mentioned advice services, and so on.


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