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This just in from Andrew Reid:

I have attached the final versions of the minutes of the Interim Committee meeting on 24 October, immediately following the public meeting, and on 26 September (I had previously circulated the draft minutes).

Although there might be continuing work over the next few days responding to media contacts after the press release work we have done following the vote counts at the beginning of the week on the legacy proposals and Legacy Committee membership, this may well be the last communication on behalf of the Interim Committee, with the elected Legacy Committee scheduled to meet for the first time on Monday.


Personally, I think the members of the Interim Committee have done some very good work, under Murray’s chairing, and provided a solid foundation for the Legacy Committee to build on – I hope others feel that way too.

Best wishes, Andrew

Please follow these links to view the minutes: 26.9.17-steinmeyer-legacy-mins


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