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We received this thank you and messages of support from our twin city Carleton Place, Canada:

I am writing today to thank you and council for your tremendous hospitality during our recent visit to Comrie for the 20th anniversary of the Comrie-Carleton Place Twinning. We can’t possibly thank you enough for everything you did for us. It was a wonderful experience thanks to you and your colleagues!

At the same time we are aware that severe flooding has occurred in the village this week and we are very concerned Andrew. Please give our best to everyone affected. We are thinking about them and about Comrie at this difficult time.

Please accept our best wishes. Above all, thank you again for everything you did for us during our memorable visit August 16-20. We will cherish the memories of those events for the rest of our lives.Jeff Maguire,
The Carleton Place Sister City CommitteeThis email also arrived today:I am writing to let you know that our thoughts and prayers are with you and the residents of Comrie who are victims of the devastating flood.  It was just by chance that one of our staff members, who is a friend of Comrie on Facebook, picked up the information on Monday afternoon, and since then, emails have been flying back and forth between members of our committee as we receive information and updates on the situation.  I sincerely hope that the floodwaters subside soon, and that the appropriate assistance comes from all levels of government.  However, I do know that no matter how much assistance is available, it does not cover the utter mental and emotional suffering of the victims, and it is to those people that our thoughts are most directly focussed.Warm regards,
Wendy LeBlanc
Town of Carleton Place

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