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Shaky BridgeI have just heard from our very disappointed Country Ranger that PKC have taken the decision to close the Shaky Bridge permanently.

Please find an excerpt of email he received from a Paul Summers at PKC:

……Shaky Bridge on the back of Deil’s condition report and our subsequent decision to close the bridge to the public, I had a chance myself this morning to look at the bridge to fully get to grips with the concerns raised to fully understand why there was a need to close the bridge and arrange its removal in due course.
The bridge structure itself is fine and is in a serviceable condition, however, both the timber supports which were attached to the tree and the tree that it rests on is in a very poor state. Some of the timber supports are no longer attached to the tree with the support timber that is holding up the bridge steels is in very poor condition, its full of soft spots, has timber rot and has evidence of insect attach. The Tree supporting the whole structure on the bank has gapping big holes and the tree roots along the riverside edge are no longer in existence with erosion underneath to a depth of 700mm, there is quite a lot of evidence of honey fungus as well which in itself is a good indicator that the tree is not in the best of health.
…..I appreciate that this is a busy route and fortunately there is another alternative longer route and as we put the bridge in, inspected it and maintained it throughout its life, I believe we have a duty to remove it as a matter of urgency. I will in the meantime arrange to have it formally closed again, previous closures have been removed, with a view to stripping the bridge structure early next week.
Your thoughts would be appreciated and you may wish to update the community.

I have replied to Richard voicing my disappointment (as Chair of Comrie Community Council) and that I lay no blame at his door.  I have also made our PKC Councillors aware of the situation and asked Lynn at the Strathearn Herald to share the story in the press next week.

If you wish to voice your opinion you can contact PKC via general enquiries to Perth & Kinross Council using this email address or by calling 01738 475000.

I am not sure what can be done but I imagine this will not be the last we will hear of it !

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