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Thursday ClubThe Thursday Club’s Secretary Sheena Lucas has asked me to put out this plea;
I recently took over as Secretary for the above organisation and am about to  prepare a form to go out to our  present  volunteers that help me provide a two course lunch  each week starting in October.  But I desperately need more younger volunteers to help keep this Club gong in its present form. Many of our current volunteers today, have been involved in the Club since it started 35 years ago! Some of these ladies are now in their 80’s and I know if we do not get younger people to come on board I feel the club will not be in existence for the next 35 years!.  I  know it is difficult to get  people to help as the younger mothers are now working full time,  and many of the older residents in the village work part time. We all lead busy lives these days and it is more difficult getting people to help than what it was 35 years ago!

I would be really grateful if there are any ladies or gentlemen that would like to help to contact me. My email address is or by telephone  670913.
The Thursday Club is held at the White Church and will be open again commencing on the 3rd October 2013  for 10 weeks until the 5th December 2013, and then recommence on the 9th January  until the 13th March 2014.

Each week we provide lunch from 12.00  noon for between 60 to 80 people, which includes  mothers with  toddlers, school children, business people, and of course the elderly residents who all enjoy  the lunch tremendously.
The food that is provided by the volunteers  is superb and am sure could be found in any good restaurant.  Although we are a non money making Charity we have to increase our prices this year due to the rising costs that we incur each week. The lunch will now cost £3.50 for an adult and £1.50 for a child.  Any profit we do make after the 20 weeks we give back to the village. The last two years we have donated money to Bumblebee Square as well as  donations to Singalong  and the Laggan Park.

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