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Please find an email I received from Amy Phillips at Transport Scotland following their attendance along with Eric Hill of BEAR Scotland.  Can I ask that those residents who attended the meeting contact me with their concerns regarding the section in the email ‘Pedestrian Signage’ ?  I can then collate them and send on to Amy.

Dear Sandra,

I hope all is well with you. Thank you for inviting us to your Community Council meeting on 6 October. We found it useful hearing the views of the community and it was nice to meet you.

Please find below a summary of actions undertaken to date and those we took from the meeting as requested.

Eastbound 30mph vehicle activated sign (VAS) relocation – Following a request from the community to relocate the eastbound vehicle activated sign (VAS) at the west end of the village we undertook a speed survey. Eastbound entering the village the 85th percentile is 37.6mph while at the existing eastbound 30mph VAS the 85th percentile is 28.1mph. The 85th percentile is widely used as an indicator of speed limit compliance. As discussed at the Community Council we are proposing to relocate the VAS to the bend warning sign (in the photograph attached) westwards so that it is visible on entering the village. We will relocate this within the next financial year, budget permitting, as this year’s electrical programme is fully committed. We have shared the survey data with Police Scotland colleagues after the meeting which may assist with their enforcement plans.

Safety Camera Handbook – The use of safety cameras was also discussed and I thought it may be useful to provide links to the handbook I referred to.
The Scottish Safety Camera Programme Handbook 2015 (available at sets out the rules and guidance for the Scottish Safety Camera Programme in Scotland.

Replacement Culvert – A member of the public raised the issue of a pipe in the vicinity of the bend warning sign (in the photograph attached) to the east of the village having been washed away and a replacement culvert having been provided. The concern was that the pipe diameter for the infall was less than the outfall and BEAR colleagues undertook to investigate this. Eric will provide an update on this in due course.

Pedestrian Signage – Further to community concerns regarding people walking on the road in the absence of a footway we undertook to investigate what signage may be appropriate to warn drivers of the presence of pedestrians. At the meeting we requested that particular areas of concern to the community were passed to us to inform our assessment of where signs may be sited.

I trust this provides you with the update you were looking for. We will keep you informed of progress and if there is anything else then please let Eric and I know. I trust we will be provided with a copy of the meeting minutes when available.


Title: Transport Scotland
Amy Phillips

Road Safety Manager
Trunk Road and Bus Operations


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