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I received this message from Libby Urquhart……..

ARCHNETWORK are offering an opportunity for Comrie people to visit 2 village festivals in Europe.

The first visit will be hosted in the village of Ivanci, Slovenia, from the 26th of April to the 3rd of May. Ivanci is a small rural village in the North East of Slovenia dependant on farming and forestry although many people comute to nearby towns for work. It has many similarities with Comrie. We will be there to take part in their local festival and to see some of their traditional skills and crafts in action. The programme will revolve around the preparations for their May day celebrations and we will help to set up the May Day tree which is a local tradition in Ivanci. There will be a theme of honey production and bee keeping, so we will see candle making, the beekeepers museum and visit an Apitherapist.
We will have time to explore Moravci Teplice, famous in Slovenia for its health giving hot springs and thermal pools. We will have free time to visit the Spa and swim in the therrmal waters.

The group will stay in a local hotel, Pri Štorklji, which is in Moravski Teplice, only a few minutes drive form Ivanci and Murska Sobota, the main town of this area.
You will have free time to explore Murska Sobota, visit its parks, museums and restaurants and to do some local shopping.

Flights will be to Bratislava where we will be collected by minibus.

The costs of flights, accommodation and meals will be covered by the Grundtvig program.
From 30th of June until 07th July we will join the people of Girbovita, a village in the Alba region of Romania. The focus will be their ‘Haymaking Festival’ Our group will join the local organisers to explore story-telling, cookery, song and dance, hay production, meat and dairy production. Also included is the identification and use of wild plants and making ‘leaf hay’ from the leaves of various deciduous trees. This visit is hosted by Satul Verde, (Green Village) Satul Verde was formed in 2010 and its main purpose is to promote the Romanian culture and traditions as well as the less known rural areas. You can find out more about their work at

If you want to take part, or know more about the programme, please get in touch with me at or phone me on 01764 671179

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