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After years of serving the community by closing the public toilets in the village and looking after the public notice boards the Post Office is retiring from carrying out this important service.

Comrie Community Council would like to convey a huge Thank you to Ewan, his family and all of the previous owners of our Post Office for their stalwart service to the community for many years.

Peter Morgan at the Comrie Fruit Shop has kindly taken on the service.  Peter now has the keys to the notice board at the Bus Stop.  Peter and his staff WILL NOT be putting up posters for people, but will hand over the keys which MUST BE RETURNED ON THE SAME DAY so that local residents and community groups can put up their own notices. 

Judith McDowall has kindly offered to take the key for the board at the top of Dalginross, so contact her if you would like something posted there.

We are very lucky that we still have public conveniences in the village and that is down to the Community Council having a special relationship with PKC.

The arrangement is that PKC open and clean the toilets daily and that a local person/s commit to close them in the evening (5pm) with the Community Council paying to keep the toilets in good order internally.

Peter Morgan has committed to closing the toilets Monday-Friday but we would like to ask if there is any shopkeeper or local resident living close to the toilets who would like to volunteer to close them at the weekends ? 

Ewan and his family are about to go through a big change within the Post Office  & Newsagent during it’s refurbishment, the changes driven by ‘Post Office’ not by the owners. We hope that the transformation will not be too traumatic for them !

Ewan sent a wee message to pass on:

The Post Office re-fit will start on Monday 29th February. Hopefully all work will be finished and we will re-open on Thursday 10th March in the afternoon.
Post Office have suggested the village use Dunblane Post Office as an alterantive whilst works are being carried out here. However, I feel the more sensible option would be to use Crieff. The shop will be open for trade as normal although there may be times during the day we will have to close to remove old counters and bring in new ones etc.’

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