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I have received this update from the engineers at PKC:

It looks like the Water of Ruchill was out of bank and flooded but the north and south fields to the west of Dalginross. I am not sure where the reports of flooded gardens at Camp Road came from but there are flood defences on that side of the town and there was no risk to properties at Camp Road. 

On the Earn, the water was again just into the field to the east side of Dalginross but as far as we can tell there was no impact on properties. Craig has not been able to find any specific low spots or gaps in agricultural embankments along the river bank but we will discuss the further with the landowner to see if he is aware of any specific issues.

There seems to have been a rush for sandbags and some residents don’t seem to be aware of the emergency arrangements or the community sandbag store at the fire station and the means to access it. 

During my updates to the community I have said many times that sandbags/flood sacks are for those in imminent risk of flooding and that the flood store will be open for those most at risk by the emergency services when that risk is in place. They are not for ‘just incase’. I understand that residents are worried and rightly so but please be directed by those out in all weathers watching river levels and checking on properties.  Those in greatest need come first. 

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