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Please find the latest update regarding the landslide on the Langside given to PKC Cllr. Brock from the Roads Department:

This is inspected fortnightly to make sure it hasn’t moved and a full survey is being carried out next week so we can get the design done to resolve the issue. It is not the intention to re-establish the parking area on the outside of the curve, but we will restore adequate width to ensure it is safe.
The section we widened on the up-side of the slip isn’t for general use as its not constructed as such and the free carriageway space is adequate. It was constructed as a hard standing over-run area and hence it should be coned permanently. Notwithstanding this we will endeavour to ensure it is patched out asap.
As part of his inspection today he picked up on a number of potholes and a works order has been issued to have them repaired. I believe we have men working the weekend to try to catch up on the number of potholes opening up. As a longer term repair we have engaged an external contractor to do permanent patching on the road between the landslip and Braco but as there workbook was full (it seems most contractors are extremely busy just now), they won’t be in until February. We had contacted them in October with a view to repairs before winter but that was not possible and the conditions up there generally prohibit works at this time of the year (except currently).
A light would require almost daily checks and not something we could readily resource but I will seek a price for putting one up there, if it is feasible, and get back to you.


Initially the Community Council asked that HGV lorries be diverted until the repair was in completed, but was told it would take 6-8wks for the order to be in place and that that repair would be completed by then. Since then the Community Council have along with PKC Councillor Brock and MSP Annabelle Ewing been pushing for urgent works to be undertaken and consideration given to restricting HGV lorries yet again. Please believe that we are trying our best for the community and will keep you posted as news is received.

Gill Brock (Associate Member of the Community Council) has been communicating with PKC on this and on other road issues within the village but now that the festive holiday season is upon us it is unlikely that work will be done until after the period has passed unless workmen do get up to the Langside at the weekend.

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