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The Community Council received this message from Police Scotland today and we thank them for their intervention on our behalf……….. 

Good morning,

Community Constable Lee Mclean recently attended the Comrie Community Council meeting. Constable McLean thereafter made me aware of the following raised at the meeting
“Residents were also concerned that no work had commenced at the site of the landslip from earlier in the year on the Langside road between Comrie and Braco. It would appear that works were supposed to have been carried out by now but they remain unfinished. Residents are concerned that given the inclement weather at this time of year and the lack of repair work to the road, it could trigger further land slides. They stated that HGV’s are using the road and are further concerned that the weight of these vehicles may further weaken the structure of the hillside.”

I have been in touch with the Roads Maintenance Department at Perth and Kinross Council to raise your concerns and received the following reply:-

“B827 Langside – we unfortunately have not managed to resource this in terms of a permanent repair, thus far. We had hoped to be in prior to winter but will now need to design it over winter with a view to doing works late February/March 2016. I’ll have Steve inspect the temporary surface and make whatever arrangements are required to resolve the ponding.

The road is formally inspected monthly but over the winter we will also inspect it in between. Since the initial failure there has been minimal slippage of any material, and only the loose stuff, so we don’t consider it to be a major risk of losing the road even with the heavies using the road. We put additional road surfacing on the upslope edge to take the vehicles away from the edge and it is operating under single lane give and take. It was also not the road that slipped, it was a layby that was, at some point, widened out on the edge of the road proper.”

I hope this information is useful to you and should you wish to discuss further please contact Perth and Kinross Council Roads Department direct or I also understand that Councillor Brock has been liaising with them regarding this issue also so it may be worth speaking with Councillor Brock also.

If you require any further assistance from ourselves please do not hesitate to get back in touch.

Amanda Nicolson

It disappointing that PKC could not have informed us of the delay in repair prior to the intervention of Police Scotland.  However following this email I have contacted PKC Councillor Brock today to have clarification and further feedback on items raised by residents and users of the road, some of which are:

  1. That the road is now breaking up opposite the bollards disguised by puddles so would ask that it is resolved quickly.
  2. We were advised that an order banning HGV vehicles until the repair was completed would take longer than it would take for the repair, however as this has now slipped considerably will it be re-considered if the road keeps breaking up as it is currently.
  3. The consideration that traffic lights be installed due to further narrowing of the road. Some users have complained of meeting vehicles travelling at speed which could cause accidents.
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