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Felicity_130905_3377The Stop the Co-op petition called on the company to rethink their plans for opening a store in Comrie. The petition sheets were in 18 Comrie (retail and service) businesses for a month. They were signed by 848 people, with the vast majority of signatories resident within the local community (76% with PH6 Comrie postcodes and 83% with PH6/7 Comrie/Crieff postcodes). More than a quarter of the total (28.5%) declared that they are Co-op Members. Please CLICK HERE for the full report.
Andrew and a few other Co-op members from the village handed the petition to Mr John Kelly, Regional Operations Manager for Co-operative Group on Wednesday 4 September.
Felicity_130905_3357 The following day, Thursday 5 September, Mark Stephen from Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme interviewed Andrew and some local retailers about the issues. The interviews featured on this week’s  Out of Doors programme on Saturday 7 September, on Radio Scotland but you can get them on BBC Radio IPlayer.Felicity_130905_3381
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