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This just in today – Wednesday 18th May

This message just received regarding the Gas Works on Dalginross and container/pipes in Dalginross Gardens:

Good Afternoon
I will start by apologising for the disruption caused by the gas works in your area and will work to get the issues resolved I have had a meeting with the manager running the project and will make every effort to cause as little disruption as possible .

The container and pipe cutting and rubble will be sorted out asap .

Can you please advise on day that bin wagon will require access we can have the workers take bins to end of works and allow lorry into the coned area to ensure no house gets missed out .

I understand the inconvenience this will cause to the residents affected but we will certainly help in any way that we can during the essential works being undertaken .

Kind Regards
Ian Auchterlonie
Keir Scotland

Can I ask that you pass this on to friends and neighbours in the area affected please – Thank you, Sandra

This just in from Sheena:

Hi Sandra,
I saw the post on Facebook regarding the above gas works in Dalginross. I think the company doing this project on behalf Scottish Gas Network is Kerr from Falkirk . As you know I live in Dalginross and we have had several letters and leaflets from SGN informing us of the gas mains upgrade. In the letter received SGN asked if there was elderly or vulnerable neighbours who may need additional care and attention during the project to let SGN know by calling 08009121700 or emailing them at If elderly people do need help with their wheelie bins I am sure SGN will help them if they were contacted..
Before the letters came out we also had a visit from SGN representatives sometime in February or March informing us that this work was going to take place, and would start between 4th and 13th May and would last for 10 weeks. At the time the rep that I spoke to, said they had informed P&K that this work was going ahead. SGN had also contacted P&K and asked if they could close Dalginross and divert the traffic along Strowan Road, as if this had been possible the project would have been completed within 5 weeks. The Rep told me that P&K were not very sympathetic to their request and that Dalginross would have to remain open during the the project. So how can P&K now say that that they did not know that this project was going to happen!
If people are having problems it might be a idea if they contacted SGN either by phone or email.
Fiona too has been in touch to say anyone having issues getting their bins out to be emptied are to ask the guys working on the road for help.

Update – Uplift of Refuse Bins on Dalginross

Please find the latest from Fiona who have been in conversations with PKC this morning:

Hi Sandra, I have spoken to Melanie Community Waste Officer at PKC. She said we’d have to put our bins outwith the roadworks to get picked up.

I asked if she was going to inform the residents affected & she said no as I was the only complainant. She also stated that they didn’t know about the roadworks as Scottish Gas hadn’t informed them of the works! I phoned Scottish Gas & they say they always inform councils of works.

I phoned her back as I wanted her name & job title. She said she had spoken to her manager & they are thinking about putting out a letter to residents!
Maybe you could get the PKC councillors to speak to them to ensure it happens & quickly before the next collection.

Would you be able to put something on the website to let people know in the meantime if they want their bins uplifted to take them outside the roadworks.

Further to Fiona’s update I have written to our PKC Councillors asking for their help is getting information out to the residents affected.

Can I ask folks to make their neighbours aware and help put out their bins if help is needed – Thank you

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