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post boxCC Judith McDowall contacted me today as follows:

I have recently learned that the Post Office is proposing to remove the Post Box which stands on Tay Avenue near Strowan Road – near Almond Place/Tay Place/Cameron Court. 

The reason for removal I will investigate.  There is an 08457 tel. no. on the post box to phone Post Office Customer Services, and I gather that a number of people have either phoned or written to object to the complete removal (NOT re-siting).
The Post Office says that there are other Post Boxes at Dalginross (nearly opposite Gordon) and Glebe Road, as well as the main Post Office one, which residents can use. I am concerned (as are others) that removal of the box will give problems for the large number of elderly people who live close to where it currently sits.

I can’t remember the date (if given) when it is proposed that the box will go, but can try and find out.

We will provide more information as we get it, but if you are concerned about the removal of the post box affecting some of our older residents then please put in your objections.

Many Thanks


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