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Deliveries of the voting forms for the community vote on the Steinmeyer legacy funding proposals and for the Legacy Committee are taking place over the weekend, thanks to the efforts of all of those. It is hoped that every household in the village and Comrie area will have these voting forms by Monday afternoon, with the deadline of midday on Monday 13 November for people to return them via the collection boxes in various places around the village.

The proposals voting paper has a few details on each development, but the Interim Committee thought it would also be helpful to provide the summary (as attached) with some additional information. 300 of these summaries are available to pick up from various village locations.

It would also be helpful if the summary could be more widely distributed. It would therefore be good if you could forward on the attached copy to people on your email contact list that you think might be interested in it and might find it useful in making voting choices

A final meeting of the Interim Committee is planned for next Tuesday 14 November at 6.30 p.m. in the Dundurn Hall at Comrie Parish Church to count the votes in the election to the Legacy Committee and to count the legacy funding proposal choices. Assistance at the count on Tuesday 14th would be much appreciated.

It would be good to complete both of the two counts next Tuesday, and he has been suggested that an earlier session is also arranged. Could you let me know you would be able to an additional counting session from 2.00. If some people are able to come to that, I will get back with a venue.

Thanks and best wishes,


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