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Many Thanks to Nicky Barker who kept us informed and confirmed this afternoon that the wasp’s nest has now been relocated. 

I received this message today via the community website. I have written to SEPA and the Green Space folks but not sure if they are the right people. In the meantime, please be aware !

Hi, I’m not sure if this is the right place for this this but I wanted to report a particularly dangerous wasp nest that I encountered (the hard way) near Comrie on Saturday. Directly from the small car park at the Deil’s Cauldron there is a track that goes down to the weir at the river. There is a raised metal cabinet there that I think houses some recording apparatus for water levels or something. The cabinet is very old and padlocked but sits slightly ajar with a 2 inch gap. There is a huge wasps nest in there which is attached both to the door and to the roof of the cabinet. Anybody trying to open or close the door in any way would find themselves being attacked by some very hostile wasps. I was stung on the ear just minding my own business at the weir – I was actually filming at the time so the footage is quite amusing. My fear is that a young inquisitive child or adult moves the cabinet door and gets seriously stung. And, of course it could be worse if it was a person who suffered from allergies – anaphylactic shock can be fatal. Please can this be reported to the appropriate office to get something done about it. Cheers

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