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comriecommunitycouncillogoOur wee Community Website was visited by 22,539 individuals last month a drop on previous month but probably due to the season.  On average 921 visits per day.

From those visits 49,835 pages/posts etc were viewed.  The most popular being the Business Directory, the News Page and the flooding photos.

Visits were mostly from the US followed by the UK and then Germany and China close behind.



As to our Facebook page we now have 1207 followers, we could do with more so please invite your friends to follow our page.

The number of times our posts were seen in News Feed or ticker or on visits to our Page. These impressions are made by people who have liked our Page and people who haven’t, was 6,066,548 !!!!!!

A HUGE Thank you to everyone who visits, our website and to those who visit and comment on the Comrie Facebook page.  Please remember this site is for the whole village.  Keep sending us your events and news to keep  it current.


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