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beaverI received this message today…………..

Dear Mr Finlayson,
I work for the Tayside Beaver Study group and am aware that there are beavers within your community council area so I wanted to get in touch and provide you with some information about the project I am working on.

The Tayside Beaver Study Group is an independent and neutral group that was set up by Scottish Natural Heritage in 2012 to study the impacts of the beaver population in Tayside. We are gathering information on the impacts of beavers on land use, documenting the experiences of landowners with beaver activity on their land and trialling and offering advice on methods to minimise beaver/land use conflicts. We are also running a beaver trapping and re-release programme to gather health and genetic information from the population.

The beavers in Tayside are an unlicensed population from unconfirmed origin which is why we are studying and monitoring them. In 2015 the Scottish Government will be making a decision as to the future of wild beavers in Scotland including the Tayside population.  All the information gathered during the project monitoring period (2013-15) will feed in to the information provided to the Minister of Environment in early 2015 to aid the decision making process.

I have attached our general information document which provides an overview of the group and the project which you are welcome to pass on to community members. We also have a website for further information If it would be of interest I would be happy to discuss the project in more depth.

I am also very keen to hear from land owners/managers who have beaver activity on their land, to whom we are able to provide a questionnaire to document their experiences. I am also happy to speak anybody who has any particular issues or queries regarding beavers in Tayside.

Kind regards,
Helen Dickinson
Tayside Beaver Project Officer
Tayside Beaver Study Group
Tel: 01738 458592
Mob: 07795608262

Normal working days Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday
Battleby, Redgorton, Perth, PH1 3EW


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